A well-appointed fitting room with curtain, stool, and mirror.


Whether it is a well-loved garment or a brand new item that doesn’t quite fit right, we are happy to provide you with unrivaled customer service. A Better Alteration provides clothing alterations for men’s and women’s clothes, simple repairs, shortening or lengthening of a hem, zipper replacements, button replacements, and more.

For simple and basic repairs, you can drop your items off at our downtown Bend location. If you require a major alteration or fitting, we suggest a personal visit with one of our seamstresses.

The pricing on our website is an estimate only and is subject to change depending on type of fabric, complexity of a project, and number of individual layers. We are always happy to provide a quote before service is performed, to eliminate surprises and ensure customer satisfaction. Please understand that using our services, without first getting a quote from us, is declaring your acceptance of our final pricing for your project.