Meet Kelly

Valentine’s Day will always have a special place in Kelly Shoop’s heart. That is the day she fell in love with Bend, Oregon.

“I remember walking around downtown Bend. It was so charming! I loved the heart decorations hanging from the trees. At that moment, I knew this would be my new hometown. “

Now, four years later, Kelly lives in Central Oregon and is the proud owner of A Better Alteration.

“Owning A Better Alteration is a dream come true. I always knew I wanted to do something like this. I remember sewing my first little dress by hand. I have no idea what drew me to the fabric but I knew I wanted to create my own clothes. By Christmas, my Mom had bought me my first sewing machine. That was the beginning….”

After a decade in the salon industry, Kelly has returned to her first love, sewing!

“I love the idea of alterations. It’s important for people to feel comfortable in their clothes. Coco Chanel said it best, ‘Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it’s not luxury.’ I completely agree!”

But all work and no play is not the Central Oregon way. So in her off-hours, Kelly spends her time hiking Smith Rock, skiing Mt. Bachelor and touring her favorite brewpubs. She also loves dogs (which seems fitting since Bend, Oregon is Dog Town U.S.A.) and owns three of them. Lola, Bob, and Remy.

Are You a Good Fit?

A Better Alteration cares about our community and we do our part as a small business employer to ensure that we provide our staff with a fair living wage and benefits. We employ intelligent, trendy, motivated, and talented people for our sewing studio. Think that you would be a great fit for our team? Send us your resume!

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