Men’s Alterations

Wondering what it would cost to have your favorite garment altered? Here is a representation of our most common alteration requests. If you do not see what you are looking for, give us a call and we are happy to answer your questions. We specialize in many areas of tailoring, along with keeping a quick turn around time for our ‘on the go’ clients.

The pricing below is an estimate only and is subject to change depending on type of fabric, complexity of a project, and number of individual layers. We are always happy to provide a quote before service is performed, to eliminate surprises and ensure customer satisfaction. Please understand that using our services, without first getting a quote from us, is declaring your acceptance of our final pricing for your project.


Simple Hem$20+
Original Hem$30+
Blind Hem$22+
Hem with Cuff$35+
Waistband In/Out$35+


Shorten Sleeves$20+
Shorten Sleeves with Cuff$35+
Taper Sides$20+
Taper Sides and Arms$30+


Shorten Sleeves$55+
Basic Suit Coat Taper$75+
Take Up/Let Out Slacks$20+
Take In/Let Out Waistbands$35+


Shorten Sleeves$25+
Taper Sides$30+
Taper Arms$20+

General Repairs

Holes/Seam Tears$6+
Zipper Replacement (Coats)$35+
Zipper Replacement (Pants)$27+
Zipper Replacement (Dresses)$25+
New Rivet$12+