Formal Wear & Suiting

Whether it’s a special event or work attire, we are happy to help. No appointment necessary, just drop by and we can assist you with the basics on your formal wear, bridesmaid’s dresses, or suiting. Our quick turnaround will keep you on time and looking sharp. Rush service is also available for an additional fee.

The pricing below is an estimate only and is subject to change depending on type of fabric, complexity of a project, and number of individual layers. We are always happy to provide a quote before service is performed, to eliminate surprises and ensure customer satisfaction. Please understand that using our services, without first getting a quote from us, is declaring your acceptance of our final pricing for your project.

Hems are made based on the existing hem line. We are not liable for uneven hems due to the existing hem being uneven.



Suit Jackets

Shorten Sleeves$55+
Basic Suit Coat Taper$75+
Lining Repair$10+
Seam Repair$12+


Blind Hem$22+
Hem with Cuff$35+
Basic Taper$20+
Take In/Let Out Waistband$35+